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Dental Emergency Dentist in Amarillo, TX

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Amarillo Dental Associates provides emergency dental treatment for new and existing patients at our state-of-the-art dental practice. If you or your child are experiencing a dental emergency, please call 806-355-7463and notify our front office staff. We will prioritize your care.

What are Dental Emergencies?

Emergency dentistry involves all procedures needed to treat an active infection, salvage teeth that have suffered from dental trauma (accident, fall, sports injury, etc.), reduce health risks, and protect vulnerable teeth.

Examples of dental emergencies include a lost dental restoration such as a filling or crown, a tooth that has been knocked loose, or completely knocked out, and any teeth that have received a direct impact from an accident or injury. Likewise, a sharp pain in the tooth indicating an infection, a broken or cracked tooth, or a significant chip in a tooth are dental emergencies.

Emergency Treatments at Amarillo Dental Associates

Dr. Ryan Street and Dr. Ryan Hyde are highly experienced, compassionate, and skilled dentists who provide emergency dental treatments including:

Emergency Root Canal
Teeth that have sustained trauma, those that have cracked, or those that are infected will need an emergency root canal to save the tooth or teeth. Infections in the teeth can lead to the development of a painful dental abscess, which puts your health at risk.

Abscess Drainage
If you’ve developed a dental abscess, the pus-filled pocket is highly infectious and must be carefully drained at Amarillo Dental Associates. Do not attempt to drain a dental abscess at home.

Teeth that have been knocked loose as the result of a direct impact will need to be stabilized (splinted) to prevent tooth loss. Amarillo Dental Associates provides splinting to preserve damaged teeth.

Dental Filling/Crown
A lost or broken dental filling or crown must be restored or replaced quickly to protect the vulnerable tooth from an infection.

Cracked Tooth
A cracked tooth may be saved with a root canal and a dental crown, if the crack does not extend below the gum line. If the tooth splits or the crack extends below the gum line, the tooth will need to be extracted and a plan for restoring the missing tooth will be designed.

Why Choose Amarillo Dental Associates?

Amarillo Dental Associates is helmed by Dr.Street and Dr. Hyde, Amarillo natives who returned to Amarillo to practice dentistry after completing their education and residencies. Amarillo Dental Associates is equipped with all of the latest advancements in technology that allow our dentists to quickly and accurately diagnose and successfully treat common and complex dental emergencies.

For nearly 50 years, Amarillo Dental Associates has provided patients of all ages with comprehensive dental care. As a privately owned dental practice, we care deeply about our patients and prioritize emergency dental care to help safeguard the health, function, and beauty of our patients’ smiles.

Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Dentistry

Is a chipped tooth a dental emergency?
Small chips in the teeth are not emergencies. Large chips in teeth should be treated as an emergency because they make the tooth vulnerable to infection.
Are bleeding gums a dental emergency?
Occasional bleeding, particularly after flossing is not an emergency. However, if your gums are bleeding continuously, or accompanied by swelling, pain, a fever, or toothache, you should receive immediate dental care.
Is a toothache a dental emergency?
A mild toothache or occasional tooth sensitivity is not an emergency, but you should see a dentist soon. Sharp or throbbing pain that may worsen when you chew or extend up the face is a dental emergency and you should seek dental care ASAP.
Does dental insurance pay for emergency dental treatment?
Most dental insurance plans do allow for emergency dental care. However, policy limits or exclusions vary. Amarillo Dental Associates is happy to file claims on your behalf.
What should I do if my tooth has been knocked out?
If you’ve suffered from a knocked-out tooth, pick up the tooth by the white crown, avoiding the roots. If the tooth is dirty, rinse it under lukewarm water, place it in a glass of milk and go immediately to the dentist. To give your tooth the best chance of survival it is essential to be seen by a dentist within 1 hour.
Is a loose tooth a dental emergency?
A permanent tooth that has become loose due to an injury, direct impact, accident, or fall is a dental emergency. With swift treatment, the tooth can likely be stabilized and preserved.
What do I do if my filling falls out?

Call our office at 806-355-7463 and notify our front desk staff. They will schedule you for priority care. 

Is jaw pain a dental emergency?
Most of the time, jaw pain is the result of grinding or clenching. This isn’t an emergency, but you should get examined soon. Jaw pain accompanied by a painful toothache is a dental emergency requiring immediate care.

Emergency Dental Care in Amarillo

If you’ve experienced a dental emergency, please call 806-355-7463 as soon as possible and notify our desk staff. We will prioritize your care.

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