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Advanced Dental Technology at Amarillo Dental Associates

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Amarillo Dental Associates is equipped with all the latest dental innovations and technologies that enhance patient comfort, expedite treatments, and provide outstanding outcomes for patients. As a modern dental practice in Amarillo, we are proud to leverage the power of technology to provide premium dental care for all ages. To schedule an appointment call 806-355-7463 or send us a message.

What is Advanced Dental Technology?

Advanced dental technology includes all digital devices, equipment, tools, and software that have helped transform the way that dentists diagnose, design, and deliver effective dental care. Advancements in dental technology have made dental care safer, faster, more accurate, and less invasive than in years past.

At Amarillo Dental Associates, Dr. Street and Dr. Hyde have hand-selected the most effective technologies available, to ensure that patients of all ages receive gold-standard care. In addition to the techniques, tools, and devices our dental experts use, our digitized practice allows for online payments, electronic medical records, and chairside screens for patient education.


Benefits of Leveraging Advanced Technology in Dentistry

Dental care continues to advance rapidly in the digital age, and Amarillo Dental Associates has embraced the power of technology in providing exceptional care for our clients. Some of the many benefits afforded to patients thanks to advanced technology include:

  • Faster diagnosis with digital imaging
  • Higher quality and greater detail in images
  • Faster images, impressions, scans
  • Quick, comfortable, putty-less impressions
  • Expedited dental restorations from the lab
  • Precision in dental implant placement
  • Quieter hand tools
  • Chairside screens for patient education
  • Noninvasive oral cancer screenings
  • Faster healing times from procedures
  • Better patient outcomes


Advanced Technology at Amarillo Dental Associates

Amarillo Dental Associates boasts extraordinary dental technologies at our state-of-the-art practice in Amarillo, TX.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)
CBCT scanning provides greater detail, and higher quality images of the teeth, bones, and tissues, than traditional imaging.

Intraoral Scanners
Intraoral scanners create 3D impressions of the teeth eliminating the need for uncomfortable, putty impressions

Intraoral Cameras
Intraoral cameras provide real-time images of the teeth and the mouth. At Amarillo Dental Associates, Dr. Street and Dr. Hyde use these images projected on chairside screens to educate patients about the health of their teeth and gums.

Dental Lasers
Dental lasers offer benefits such as faster recoveries, less discomfort, and more effective and efficient treatment of gum disease.

Digital X-Rays
Digital X-rays expose patients to far less radiation than traditional film X-rays. They are also better for the environment as they do not create waste.

Guided Dental Implant Placement
Advanced software helps our dentists to design and precisely place dental implants.

Noninvasive Oral Cancer Screenings
Noninvasive, painless lights shined inside the mouth are used during oral cancer screenings to illuminate changes in tissue.

Electronic Apex locator
Electronic apex locators identify the tip of the tooth root (apex) during root canal treatment.

Why Choose Amarillo Dental Associates?

At Amarillo Dental Associates we appreciate the power of technology, but also know that it is no substitute for personalized attention. At our all-age dental practice, we provide highly personalized attention and deliver exceptional oral health outcomes by maximizing technological advancements to our patients’ benefit.

As a family-owned dental practice, Amarillo Dental Associates has stood as a beacon of excellence in oral healthcare and patient service for nearly 50 years. By providing comprehensive care in one convenient location, we aim to make oral healthcare accessible and stress-free for patients ages 1-101.

Frequently Asked Questions About Technology in Dentistry

Are digital X-rays safe?
Yes. Digital X-rays are safer than traditional X-rays as they reduce radiation exposure by up to 85%.
Why would I need a CBCT scan?
CBCT scans are valuable diagnostic tools that provide a 360-degree view of the teeth and surrounding structures. This technology allows doctors to identify and diagnose anatomical problems, see tissues and structures that are difficult to reach, view high-resolution images of your bone structure and plan precision implant placements.
Does a CBCT scan hurt?
No, the device may look a bit futuristic, but getting your scan is not invasive or painful.
How does an intraoral camera work?
An intraoral camera looks like a small wand that is outfitted with a small camera that is waved over the teeth and gums. The images are then projected onto a computer screen and chairside screens.
Do I have to pay more for digital dental care?
No. In fact, digital dentistry has lowered many costs for patients.
What are 3D digital impressions used for?
3D digital impressions replace older putty impressions that must be sent to the lab to create dental restorations and prostheses such as crowns, bridges, and veneers. Because the impressions are sent electronically, dental restorations and prostheses arrive from the lab faster.
Are soft tissue lasers painful?
Any area of the mouth being treated with a laser will be completely numb so the treatment with lasers is not painful.
Do I have to request advanced technology during my appointment?
No. We are a modern dental practice and use advanced technology in treating all patients.

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