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The Benefits Of 3D Imaging

June 21, 2022

The Benefits of 3D imaging

(aka Cone Beam Computed Tomography or CBCT)

Although 3D radiography is traditionally utilized in specialty offices, Amarillo Dental Associates has chosen to invest in this technology for several reasons:

1. We value going above and beyond for our patient family.

2. 3-D imagery allows for accurate, precise, and clear views of the patient’s anatomy (bone, teeth, nerve canals, and surrounding hard and soft tissue) which facilitates:

  •Safer extractions and the ability to determine the complexity of the extraction

An overview of all teeth in all dimensions giving our doctors more insight into whether extraction of wisdom teeth is the best course of action for young adults and allows more accurate judgment as to an ideal timeline for extraction

  •More exacting implant placements

  •Views into hidden roots when treating root canals of infected teeth

  •Patient specific treatments customized by our hygiene team for those with severe periodontitis which can increase the longevity of the affected teeth

Many more diagnostic benefits…

3. 3-D radiography is less cumbersome, more comfortable, and does not trigger gag-reflex.

4. There is remarkably low radiation exposure.

Overall, 3-D imagery provides our doctors a MORE ACCURATE DIAGNOSIS and a MORE RELIABLE TREATMENT PLAN for you, our client.

How does it work?  Imaging is non-invasive and no special preparation is required for your scan other than the removal of metal objects such as earrings and necklaces as they may interfere with the image.  You will be asked to remain very still and the scan takes approximately 14 seconds to complete, imaging your head, neck and jaw.

With this technology, our practice is grateful to have the ability to un-complicate potentially problematic situations and to simply explain, through 3-D imagery, the treatment process.  Please contact us for any questions or to set up an appointment using this remarkable technology.

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