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What About Electric Toothbrushes

June 21, 2022

Will using an electric toothbrush make a difference with my home care?

Yes, because an electric brush can cover a larger area faster, you clean more surfaces in the same amount of time. With manual brushing, you make about 300 strokes per minute compared to the thousands or tens of thousands strokes per minute of a power brush.  So, while both electric and manual toothbrushes are effective at removing plaque, studies show that electric toothbrushes decrease more plaque and gingivitis than manual toothbrushes through the bristle’s vibration or rotation movements.

What are the advantages of brushing with an electric toothbrush?

– Plaque is reduced by an average of 21% and gingivitis is reduced by 11% over manual brushing.

– Power toothbrushes can be easier to use for people with disabilities like carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis.

– Helpful for people with braces.

– Kids find it more fun to brush with an electric toothbrush and will therefore spend more time and be more consistent with their brushing.

– Many models have built-in timers to ensure users spend adequate time brushing, with some models even dividing the time into 4 intervals so that the user is encouraged to brush equally in each quadrant of their mouth.

– Some electric toothbrushes can help prevent damage to gum tissue and enamel from brushing too hard by slowing the motor or flashing a red light when you apply too much pressure.

What are the best electric toothbrushes, what should I look for when shopping for one and what should I expect to spend?

Look for a brush that is rechargeable and is made by a reputable company.  Rechargeable electric brushes range from $40 to more than $150. Prices vary depending on the features of the specific brush like:

– Travel case

– Sensors that signal when you’re brushing too hard

– Timers that let you know when to move to the next area of your mouth

– Bluetooth technology that sends data on your brushing habits to your phone

Minimally, we recommend brushes with timers and pressure sensors .  We do not advise brushes with hard bristles. Also, consider the cost of replacement heads because it is important to change them regularly just as you would change out a manual brush.

We would love the opportunity to discuss your power toothbrush options.  Click HERE to setup and appointment

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