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Teeth Whitening Questions Answered

June 21, 2022

What options are available for teeth whitening?

Doctor Street says…

Are you looking for best teeth whitening treatment? A popular and inexpensive way to whiten teeth is to use Over-The-Counter products which include whitening strips, toothpastes, and rinses.  While affordable, these products are not the most effective method and do not have the strength necessary to help with deeper stains like the following bleaching products do.  For Example, Professional-Strength Whitening Strips that are applied to teeth for one hour-a-day for two weeks can be effective and are only available through dental professionals.  However, the most efficient and effective method of whitening is custom-made bleaching trays made from impressions of your upper and lower teeth.  Dr. Street, Dr. Hyde, or Dr. Vaclav can help you pick the concentration of gel that is right for you.  In general, you wear the trays once or twice a day for 15 minutes to 2 hours until you are satisfied with your results.  Your trays may then be used in the future to do touch-up treatments as whitening is not permanent and you may develop more stains depending on how often you consume staining beverages, food or tobacco.

Will whitening irritate my teeth?

Using whitening products as directed breaks down stains but does not irritate teeth or gums.  Some individuals may experience temporary sensitivity in which case treatment can be delayed and tried again.  It may be helpful to use toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth for a few weeks prior to bleaching.  Another precaution is to make sure excess bleach does not contact gum tissues during the course of treatment as this may cause gum irritation.  It is important to follow manufacturer directions and not overuse whitening products to avoid irritation to teeth or gums.

How much of a difference will I see and how long will it take?

The short answer is:  the best Amarillo dentists will say it depends on multiple factors.  The more stains that have accumulated over time from things like coffee, tea, red wine and tobacco the more dramatic the results will be.  It should be noted that crowns (caps), veneers and fillings will not bleach, nor will stains from fluorosis, medications or trauma.  In short, the amount of time it takes to achieve desired results will vary from person to person.

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